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American School of Music - Take A Giant Leap Forward 

THE JIM GREENINGER EDUCATION, for all ages "Turn America Around" Since the 1950's we have inadvertently created generations of angry, rebellious people who can't fully sort out things for themselves. This has opened the door for "Snake Oil salesmen" or 'Music Promoters" to take control of our youth, leading the way for rebellious and angry generations. If you couple this with natural hormones and often bad parenting we now have extreme problems, and we do. Here is the solution:

People, especially students, need to learn to cross-fire their brains for a more creative and deeper thinking process, we took this away from our students in the 1950's by removing required learning of musical instruments. Anyone who wants to improve their learning ability and to maximize their brain power needs this kind of learning. Watch the short video below to better understand the process:


Now the solution: 


Vocalist, instrumentalist every style of music

Authorized by the American School of Music - ph: 417-251-3400


"Every person should attend these classes, listeners will look at the music world in a new light, embrace more intelligent forms of music and not what is being actively promoted. Musicians will play and sing better and understand how to relay the music to their audience in more effective ways. A side benefit is that everyone, especially young people would not be so angry and rebellious."

Jim Greeninger

Class for listeners and music lovers: "What Happened To Music?" And how do we get back to center?

Topics include: 1. How has this been destructive to our culture and how can we remedy this? 2. What we have done really right. 3. A bright future for American and the world.

Class for music students & performers of all ages: "A Giant Leap Forward, Overnight"

Topics include: 1. Quick and easy techniques to make your playing/singing sound and feel better now, 2. Progressive Metronome, why it's important and how to quickly employ it. 3. Power Energy Phrasing, how it works, 4. The best way to start a song, why no one teaches or know this import technique.

Concert, including all techniques, very entertaining.


Both classes and demonstration concert available now, cost can be low or even free, please ask.






Now a traveling music school with unique abilities - ALL Music Teachers and Students Should Learn Our Techniques!

"With these techniques every musician, singer or group can be a great deal better, overnight."


Or Simply Have An Educational And FUNdraising Concert At your Location - FREE




Our goals & what we do:


1. Our single day classes provide the student/class with knowledge and techniques that take them to a higher lever of musicianship overnight, "Learn Today, be twice the musician tomorrow."

2. Applies to all musicians and vocalist, all styles

3. We come to your location for classes

4. We come to your location for concerts that demonstrate our remarkable techniques

5. We provide a combination concert and workshop package for the best value

6. You can actually have the class/concert for FREE or even make revenue in the process. Ask about our FULL PACKAGE

7. We come to your location to analyze and improve your existing program and help you to seamlessly incorporate our techniques for a much improved program and sound

8. We show you how to get the joy and fun back into your music

9. Learn to be a much better musician or director overnight

10. Our techniques really work, for everyone. Little known techniques such as: Power Energy Phrasing, Progressive Metronome, etc. Did you know that every song must begin on a division of six on the metronome, and why?

Your music is about to take a gigantic leap forward -

A Shorter Path To Music Excellence

Call: 417-251-3400


- Here is a show we coached -

Get ready for the


The Last Master Class You Will Ever Need

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