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American School of Music, Church/Worship - 1 - 2 day classes

Is now a traveling music school with unique abilities


Our classes and coaching can be FREE or mostly paid for, please ask how

We can show you how to pay for your Music Director each month without taking away from your general fund

How effective Is Your Worship Music?

If you are a Senior/Lead Pastor you want the atmosphere to be the best it can be before you start your message.

Does your music really facilitate worship? "But, we can't afford a professional" - We will show you how to pay for this position

Traditional, Contemporary, Classical - Every Music/Worship Service Can Use Help

"The Music Doctor is in"


We don't just go through a check list and give a critique 

We actually spend the time it takes to train your Music Director with the knowledge and direction it takes to be able to step up to the next level, information 99.9% of all musicians do not know.

Delivering a worship/music service that will help bring the congregation into worship and prepare them and the pastor for the message

All training in 1 -2 days

Are you searching for a Music/Worship Director? Please consult us first

If you are a Music/Worship Director, please contact us. We have a wealth of Real World knowledge to share


NOTE: We not only can provide our services for FREE but can also suggest ways you can pay for a top quality Music/Worship Director without taking from your budget - Ask us how.

OUTREACH: This also creates a tremendous and natural outreach program.

Real Life Facts:

1. We go through an extensive check-list to help pinpoint needed changes

2. It is even rare for a great musician to know revitalization or energy techniques, our advice will help any Worship Music program 

3. Amateur musicians and singers can rehearse several times a week and have the same results, an amateur sound on Sunday

4. We are aware that most churches have amateur musicians and singers who kindly volunteer their time, we can coach even amateur groups to sound better

5. Many churches hire a strong singer with personal energy to be their Worship Director, please ask why this may not be a good idea

6. Having a classical musician as a Worship Director is generally not the best idea, ask why

7. Who do you hire, how can you know? This is where you could use our advice

CALL: 417-251-3400, ask for Jim and make your Worship/music service more compelling, inviting worship



Things to watch for:

1. What percentage of your congregation sing along with each song?

2. What percentage of people over 60, your greatest contributors, are singing?

3. Rate the energy and professionalism of your musicians, not the singers, especially the bass player.

4. Are the singers engaging and encouraging the congregation or just standing there?

5. Do you know how to employ Power Energy Phrasing? Do you understand Progressive Metronome and how to use it?

6. AUDIO, is your sound system helping or hurting your efforts? We quickly identify the problems and offer solutions.

7. Is your Worship Director a singer or a classical musician? If so, you may be headed in a direction that will lead to the "same old thing" or a mechanical sound.

8. Is your music going toward the younger music because you think it has more energy or to satisfy the young people? If so, STOP, ask us why.

9. Do you know what is the center of the music, or the main person that drives the group and must be powerful and professional? 

10. Do you want a better sound, Worship Service and have it paid for as well?

11. There is no substitute for the knowledge we provide

12. Have you ever wondered how many people do not return because they did not care for the music? Most churches loose a great deal of people this way.

"Now, the problem is, how can we make the old hymns compelling and enjoyable to everyone in the church without using rock n roll techniques.

We can also help your contemporary music to better function without too much volume."

Jim Greeninger

The Music Doctor







Get ready for the


The Last Master Class You Will Ever Need


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