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  Concerts Health & Music Fees - Free?


Full two hour concert includes: Popular, Jazz, Classical, Country, Latin, Novel

10 - 15 minute talk on transforming our schools with Brain-Boost music classes, helps parents and community support the program

Our Founder demonstrates in live performance techniques used in our classes

Techniques and ideas we teach all students, leaders and teachers

99.5 % of ALL advanced musicians do not know these incredible performance techniques

These concerts are also how you can pay for classes and private Instruction and are simple to promote

Ticket Sales for This Very Popular Format "The Passion & The Beauty of The Guitar" almost always cover fees

At churches love offering work the same

Did you know that a slow piece is harder to play then a fast piece? This is explained in the class and concert

Power Energy Phrasing and Progressive Metronome are demonstrated as well

Book early: 417-251-3400


The Passion & Beauty of The Guitar Tour 2016 - "All Styles"

From New York & Branson (Live Show Capital of The World) - You won't believe how beautiful the sound is - Incredible

"I Now Have A New Favorite Guitarist"  Review



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Songs you may hear at the concert:

Demo shorts, variety:

30 second shorts:
1. Bossa Nova (Insensatez, Jobim)
2. Maria Elena
3. Concerto de Aranjuez, Adagio
4. Ava Maria, Schubert


Spanish/Classical: Recuerdos de la Alhambra









Country: Deed I Do, Full Song 


Two Songs At Once, Yankee Doodle & Dixie







His Eye Is On The Sparrow










Church concerts are all or mostly all Christian Music


As The Deer