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As a general rule, musicians care most about their art and craft, however, 

in order to perform better, look and feel younger as the years progress, you will need to maximize your health. 

To make matters worse Americans have some the lowest health standards on earth, 74th in health overall. 

Countries that are at the top, Japan, China, Switzerland and many Asian countries do things quite differently. 

In the USA we have "Sick Care", when we get sick we go to a doctor and they give us a pill to help us feel better, in Japan they have true "Health Care", the doctors have a list of patients to keep in the best health all the time, if any patent gets sick the doctor's paycheck is cut off until they get that person well again. 

We here at the American School of Music do a number of things to stay in top health, but the number one item is deep hydration 

and their is no substitute for the Enagic Kangen water, it's what Japan uses and all their hospitals use as well. 

As a little education, click on the demo on the left and also watch the other videos and links below.

NOTE: You simply cannot hydrate to the cellular level with any other water, Enagic is the only one. This is at least 70% of true health.

"You should live to be a very healthy 120 years old and never have a major health problem"   Jim Greeninger

1. Do you get colds or flu ever? You actually should never get sick, have pain or look old and withered.

2. As you get older is your face puffy or swollen, is your neck wrinkled and sagging, do your hands look young and does your skin bounce back quickly?

You may be close to major health setbacks -

You Are Not Old, You Are Dehydrated






Learn The Benefits Of A Remarkable Water Technology For The Home And More...





1. Life Changing Water - quick overview (10 min) CLICK HERE


2. How the Body Works & Can Self-Heal by Dr. Barry Awe (1 hr) 










3. Demonstration in Pat Boone's home showing the different levels and properties of the water (35 min) CLICK HERE


4. Water Ionization Consumer Guide - It's important to have a factual and accurate source of information. After the following presentation you will be better prepared to make an informed decision! (53 min) CLICK HERE

5. Cancer The Forbidden Cures - Important Documentary (1:13 min) CLICK HERE


Bonus: Get this technology for FREE (4 min) CLICK HERE






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"Up until a few years ago I was sick often, just like everyone in my family, but since I discovered this incredible I have not been sick even one day. My health is at it's peak."   Jim Greeninger


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